Fall Charcuterie Board

This Fall Charcuterie Board has something for everyone and is perfect for all the parties this season.

Cranberry Goat Cheese
Caramelized Onion Cheddar
Creamy Brie
Italian Deli Meats
Chianti Salami
Fig Jam
French Baguette
Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps
Golden Berry Blend
Candied Pecans
Honey Roasted Peanuts
Pumpkin Spiced Seeds
Dried Sweet Oranges
Tri Colored Grapes
Mini Cucumbers
Honey Crisp Apples
Maple Leaf Cookies
Mini Pumpkin (for decoration)

Clean a large wood board. Gather all ingredients listed above.
Start with placing the 3 cheeses on opposite ends of the board.
Next, fold meats neatly and arrange near the cheeses that pair best.
Fill in all open spaces with fruit, vegetables, nuts, jam, crackers and sliced bread.

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